Should Women Lift Weights?

You may have heard the horror tales about how lifting weights will make you bulky, or how risky it is for women. Such ludicrous misconceptions form the fodder for stereotypes that keep too many women from experiencing the benefits of weight lifting. Instead of these horrible things, resistance training will help you get the healthy, strong body you strive to attain. There are plenty of good reasons why you should incorporate weight training into your workout regimen.

What Benefits Does Weight Training Have to Offer?

For starters, lifting weights is the best solution for ladies seeking to shed excess pounds. While cardio burns more calories, resistance workouts are more effective over a long period. The body uses more energy in maintaining muscle cells than is the case with fat cells. Resistance exercises will basically turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Lifting weights also strengthens your bones. As you lift, you activate the muscles that pull tendons, which in turn pull on bones. Putting more stress on your bones this way is known to enhance their strength.

Resistance training is also known to relieve stress. Besides helping the body maintain optimal levels of stress hormones, it’s also a good outlet to channel your energy into. Over a long period, the progress you make will greatly boost your self-esteem.

What are Your Options?

Before you can begin, you need to figure out what kind of strength training you’ll be doing. This will mostly depend on what your goals are, and the resources at your disposal. So consider these points before you can start choosing from the options, which include:

-Bodyweight: Here, you don’t need much in the way of equipment, and you can train from just about anywhere. As long as you can find enough space to move around, you’re good to go. With bodyweight exercises, the challenge is to increase the difficulty of your routine regularly to ensure you’re always making progress.

-Dumbbells: These make it easy to add small amounts of weight to a routine. Dumbbells are also convenient for beginners, since it’s much easier to drop them than is the case with a barbell. Besides, most gyms will have a good set. Still, your choice of gym should have dumbbells that go over 100 pounds, since you won’t take long to outgrow a set.

-Barbells: These are the go-to option for individuals who want to boost their strength, above everything else. Barbells offer incredible stability, which makes it much easier to go heavy. They also allow for the addition of small weight increments, which translates to rapid progress. Still, a wide ray of equipment is needed for barbell training. They’re thus not suitable for home gyms, especially if one is on a tight budget.

You might be concerned about becoming too bulky if you start lifting weights. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth; weight lifting is the arguably the best solution for women seeking a lean, toned body. So if you want to feel healthier, stronger and more confident, consider putting it in your fitness plan.